Maalan Jiraa!

“Maalan Jiraa” is the single clip Afan Oromo song by Artist Hachalu Hundessa and beautifully produced by Amensisa Ifa. Hachalu Hundessa is one of the young, energetic young Ethiopian, Afan Oromo Artists. All Oromo communities live in Ethiopia as well as in Diaspora believe that “Maalan Jira” was the first song that creates awareness of displaced farmers around Addis Abeba (Finfinnee), the capital of Ethiopia. In Ethiopia “Maalan Jiraa” give momentum to the struggle that started by a youngster (Qeerroo) and accelerates the Oromo Protest movement.

The lyrics in this clip talk about love, but it has the political intention and advocates for the farmers. “Maalan Jiraa” has the meaning that I am not alive. The core message of the “Maalan Jiraa” single is the farmers living in the surrounding areas of the capital are displaced without sufficient composition from their inherited land. Due to this reason, each farmer and their family are vulnerable. In addition, their culture, language, beliefs and administration system substituted by other ethnic culture and monarchy administration system. As Hachalu explains well in one of his interviews, the displacement started from the center, Gullele. Gullele is almost considered as the downtown of Addis Abeba. Hachalu tries to illustrate development should not be the tool of ethnic clearance of the governing entity.

Finally, I wish this song translated to the English language and distributed in the world. The translation of “Maalan Jiraa” to the English language helps other vulnerable community due to the development and maximize their voice to reach out to the world. As we reach and live in the 21 century each culture, belief, local administration system and language considered among the reach values of one territorial country. It is mandatory that development is all-inclusive and play its role by supporting provincial human capital, keeping historical names as they are, and advance the local belief and administration system. We can mention several historical mistakes done internationally in the name of development and civilization in previous. For example, the mistake done on Native America in central part of The United State and Aborigine in Australia was the most significant. For this reason, the music such as “Maalan Jiraa” advocate artistically to the cause of exposed community.

In conclusion, if the single “Maalan Jiraa” song translated to the English language, it may increase its popularity and gain more advocates. Development has to be inclusive and play its part in advancing the local potential. Also, development by keeping local beliefs, cultures, and administration systems, can contribute to history. Music is the most significant communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language that you are singing in, they still know good music when they hear it. 

You can wach the clip by clicking the link below

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